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Two thousand years from now an ancient religion will control a world of diamond.

Since the Delphan Uprising took place a century ago, no newfreeman has visited Allahu'akhbar, the planet known as The Diamond World. Adessa Tetrostsionu, wishing only to complete his doctorate in cultural anthropology, soon finds that life on Allahu'akhbar is surprisingly similar to that on Delphos.

But he is about to learn that no two societies are ever identical - and that differences can be as dangerous as appearances are deceiving.

And he will discover that one thing in the universe is constant: love.

Allasnu Nomu: The second tale of Delphos.

Allasnu Nomu
Warren Ockrassa
~123,000 words (428 pages)
ISBN 0-9742549-5-9
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