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A Forgotten History

Hulvan is a young prince in the realm of HaldÍlor, part of the Covenant Lands, in an age of Earth lost to the mists of time. Second in his line, he has little to hope for in the future, as his older brother is certain to gain accession to the throne.

His days are spent in fight training that he does not believe he needs, as he will surely end up taking the Draught and becoming a priest of Rholam, God-protector of youth -- if his brother doesn't drive him from HaldÍlor first.

But his life is about to become more interesting than he wishes with the appearance of a mysterious wizard, a terrifying demon lurking in the wilderness, and an incredible tale of a sword forged from metal that fell as a star -- a tale that might have some truth to it after all.

Join Hulvan as he undertakes a quest that leads him far from his home and into the realms of the Gods themselves.

The Starsword
RR Lawrence
~139,000 words (416 pages)
ISBN 0-9742549-0-8
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