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Mark Fell

Victor cover


Mark Fell's tale of two lives in a near-future world is at once chaotic and focused, a story that leaves a resonance well after the final page is turned.

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RR Lawrence

The Starsword cover

The Starsword

When a mysterious magician comes to the land of HaldÍlor it is up to Hulvan to decide if he will be apprenticed to him -- or if the magician is responsible for recent, horrifying demonic attacks.

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Warren Ockrassa

Allasnu Nomu cover

Allasnu Nomu

This second tale of Delphos picks up a century after the events described in The Beasts of Delphos. Follow the adventures of Adessa Tetrostsionu as he explores Allahu'akhbar, a planet made of diamond.

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The Beasts of Delphos cover

The Beasts of Delphos

This first tale of Delphos introduces us to Barris, a young salve at a mine, and tells the story of his life, loves and the tragedies that are a natural extension of living a life of complete indenture.

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A Fire in Arcadia 1 cover

A Fire in Arcadia 1: Kindling

The final tale of Delphos commences in this history of that world before the freemen and slavery. Arcadia is a richly forested world but hidden beneath the beauty of the trees is a mortal, ghastly struggle for existence.

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The latest is a political message relevant to the US. Religious zealots claim that gay marriage is a threat to marriage in general, and therefore a Constitutional ban is justified. We think that if the religious idiots really believed in protecting marriage, they'd be more interested in banning divorce. Our new classy shirts and coffee cup express that idea eloquently.

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Author Spotlight: Warren Ockrassa

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nightwares Books is a small alternative press that is wholly owned by nightwares LLC.

We welcome submissions of manuscripts of every variety — we do not specialize by genre, though we prefer titles of LGBT interest. We accept works of nonfiction and technical books as well, and will also consider collections of short stories, poems and more.

We purchase electronic and first-run hardcopy publication rights and offer a generous royalty package in exchange. We do not offer advances, but pay flat author royalties at fifty percent of the net publication price. This means if your title sells at ten dollars per copy (after electronic delivery expenses, which amount to 45% of the cover price), you will receive five dollars for every copy sold. We pay royalties in US dollars on a quarterly schedule.

We are not a vanity or subsidy press. You pay nothing to have your book published. You simply write the text, and we package it for publication and release it.

Please look over our general submission gudelines before submitting a work for consideration.

To submit your manuscript for consideration, send an email query to NWPressQuery@nightwares.com. Include a description of your text and several sample chapters, ideally in series. Do not send the entire manuscript with your query.